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A Winter Kuari Pass trek is definitely one of the most incredible experiences of trekking in Uttarakhand. It offers an exceptionally scenic spectacle through the majestic mountains of the Himalayas. This pass is situated in the vast Garhwal region. It is to the south of the famous Tibetan Plateau but long way off. It is also the part of one of the most adventurous national parks of India, called Nanda Devi National Park. Lord Curzon was the first person to have traversed the pass and hence the path leading up to the pass is also called Curzon’s Trail. During the 4 day winter trek you could clearly some of the most well known mountains, such as Kamet, Nanda Devi, Dunagiri, and Trishul. When you will see the snow carpeted clearings and milky-white snow clad mountains you will understand why it is called the best winter trek in India. trekking in india

How to Reach

You will first need to come down to Haridwar. Thankfully, Haridwar city is well connected by roads and railways. It takes about 5 hours to reach Haridwar from New Delhi by road. Once you are at Haridwar you will need to take a cab or drive down to Auli, which is nearly 250 km from there. The drive could take 10-13 hours as you would be tracing the winding roads curling around the mountains. Auli will be your base camp. The winter trek through Kuari Pass will most likely commence the next day.

The Experience

It is a 4 day trek and thus it is recommended that you prepare yourself well. Take a shower if you have to as you will be deprived of this luxury for the next four days. Plan the trek in January so that you can witness the snowfall even in Auli. From the base camp you will again need to take a 200 km ride to Tapovan. That is the place from where the trek will start. The very first sight, when you will start the trek, will mesmerize you. The grasslands, the villages, and the trees seem to be bowing to Mount Dronagiri, which forms the backdrop. You will also get to see the place where Sanjeevani Mountain used to be as per the legends. You would already start feeling that you are on the best winter trek in India.

The same day you will reach Chitrakana where the camps are usually set up. If you were unlucky to witness snowfall in Auli, you will encounter the snowfields here and they will remain with you for the entire duration of the trek.

The next day of this trekking in Uttarakhand will lead you through the thick oak forests. The snow at your heels will remind you of something from the movies. You will thank yourself for choosing the winters for this trek. Unlike summers, you can experience the snow even in the forests. You don’t have to climb up into the grasslands at high altitude to see the white all around you.

The rest of the days are the descent back to Tapovan where you get to enjoy the beauty of the place again. It gets excruciatingly cold so make sure you are well prepared.


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