Luxury Holiday Cottages Bringing Together Location and Comfort

There is undeniably an appeal for some people about holidaying in a caravan or in a tent. Making do with the bare necessities and “roughing it” does certainly inspire a sense of adventure.

However for those who prefer their holiday to provide some comfort and quality the self-catering holiday has moved on a very long way in a fairly short space of time.

The pine lodge, the exclusive chalet, the luxury cottage – all the bothy these have allowed the holidaymaker who values the independence that comes with self-catering but who appreciates some comfort a far more appropriate option.

What is more location has itself become a major imperative in informing one’s choice. Rather than holidaying in a “pack ’em and stack ’em” chalet on what sometimes resembles a downmarket council estate on the periphery of a glorified theme park, the more discerning are actively seeking properties in picturesque locations in the country, or near the coast overlooking the sea.

The emergence of luxury holiday cottages as an accommodation option is really a simple logical progression. At home we have never used so many appliances as we do today, not just Internet technology but also kitchen equipment, multi-channel television, machines for washing crockery and clothes, microwave ovens and equipment for playing music to name just a few. Although we’re on holiday, often we want to be somewhere where we can live a little. After all, why would anyone go on holiday to lead a more stressful life than they have at home?

Luxury self-catering holiday accommodation is to be found in some of the most stunning resorts. North Wales, the Lake District, the Peak District, Cornwall and Derbyshire boast some of the most picturesque scenery one will find, not only in the United Kingdom but throughout Europe and beyond.

What gives self-catering cottages their appeal in preference to hotels and guest houses is the independence they allow to enjoy one’s own lifestyle at the time and in the manner that one chooses. One can eat what one wants, at a time that suits, and enjoy the solace of one’s own family and company rather than the communal facilities that are a natural feature of hotels. The experience is in every sense one that takes the holidaymaker away from it all.

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