How yoga can boost your soccer game

You can improve your performance at your next soccer match by getting out your yoga mat. Even though it might seem counterproductive, you can do yoga to improve your athletic abilities. spbo live score

Yoga benefits for athletes

Yoga focuses first and foremost on mind-body health. Yoga can increase joint mobility and flexibility, which can reduce injury risks on the soccer field. It can also increase your power and agility on the field by making your joints more flexible and stronger.

Yoga is also known for its ability focus and concentration. Regular yoga practice will improve your lung capacity and efficiency. You will be able to play longer and more powerfully in the next game if you have a greater lung capacity.

Yoga can be a great workout if done correctly, which is surprising to many athletes. While yoga can seem easy and relaxing, it is actually quite strenuous. You may find yourself sweating after a session.

Even if your body is already in top shape, yoga can challenge muscles you might not use in regular exercise. You’ll feel relaxed after a session of yoga and have some soreness for several days to prove that you put in a lot of effort.

Yoga for soccer conditioning

Yoga can be used to improve flexibility and condition the body for soccer.

These are the areas that a soccer player who wants to practice yoga to improve their performance:

* Improve flexibility in quadriceps, hamstrings to improve running speed and direction change.
* Strong ankle support to increase agility and range on the field.
* Strengthening the leg muscles in order to protect your knees and provide speed.
* Open your hips to reduce pressure on your knees and prevent strained joint.
* Increasing flexibility in the back to increase torque for field shooting.

It is recommended that you work with a certified yoga instructor when starting yoga for the very first time. These foundational poses can be practiced up to three times per day to help with everyday sports performance.

* Forward bend when seated
* Lunge twist
* Triangle pose
* Pigeon pose
* Lying spinal twist
* Plank pose with wrist support
* Cross-legged twist at the seated position
* Frog pose

Although yoga may not be a part of any soccer training program, it can make a big difference in your performance on the field.

Yoga has been proven to improve agility, concentration and stamina. It also reduces the chance of injury during a Austin Soccer match.

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