Basic SEO Tools to Use in Your Marketing Strategy Development

Companies seeking to succeed in the digital platform should have a campaign strategy that will help them establish a terrific online reputation. The general browsing public needs to learn about them and experience their service firsthand. They can only increase site traffic if they can convince them that they provide excellent service and are credible enough. These businesses need to work with a well-versed company in marketing strategy development to help them from inception to the implementation of the plan. It will help them gain a foothold in the digital community, and they’ll be on their way to success. 

We cannot stress the importance for businesses to collaborate with local companies. These agencies, such as Tucson SEO firms, will help enterprises chart their digital practice. They can research pertinent keywords, help layout the e-commerce site and run marketing campaigns that will help the company reach their target audience faster. However, before a campaign can get off its foot, these companies will start with the search engine optimization process.

Here are some SEO tools that your company can use to help establish its marketing strategy campaign. 

Google analytics 

Let’s start with the industry giant’s analytics tool. Usually used by a digital marketing agency, it is an SEO tool that your page can utilize to track the performance of your page based on several categories. These categories include Acquisition, Behavior, Conversions, Audience, and Real-Time, with each category providing in-depth insight to the target audience. 

Your team’s data from this tool will help you determine how to go forward with your strategy. It gives your team an idea of how the audience reacts to the strategy, so you can decide whether to tweak a few elements or revise the entire process. 


This is another helpful resource that you can use either as a free tool or a paid resource. This tool compares your site to your competitor’s pages and provides insight into what’s missing on yours. It will help you revise your content to help your site gain more traffic and understand the demographic even better.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Among the things that the Google Core Vitals measure is the page loading speed, as it is a component of the overall page experience. Once you enter your site’s URL, you’ll receive a report on what you need to fix to improve it. The goal is for your site to score as close to 100 as possible. If your site scores below 100, the resource provides an idea of what to fix, so you’ll have a baseline. 

Optimize your page for both large-screen gadgets and mobile devices. 

SEO SiteCheckup

This resource is also another tool that’s pretty easy to use. It provides a general view of your site and input regarding the competition, SEO issues, and concerns on your site, and it also helps you create SEO reports. The data will prove critical to your campaign as it will tell you what you need to improve. 

Google Search Console

Yet another free SEO tool from Google, it will give the team an idea about search analytics, links to your site, internal links, manual actions, internal tagging, and mobile usability. For example, if you want to have your page rank higher on the search engine results page, you need to use Google Search Console because it will supply you with the required insight regarding your page’s performance. You can then decide which elements to revise and what to tweak with your campaign. 

Final thoughts 

There are several applications online that can help you determine how well your page performs against the competition. You and your team must learn to harvest the data constantly and take the needed steps to analyze them. The results will provide you with a baseline on what you can improve and do to address the issues. 

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